Dahab, first Introduction


Dahab in South Sinai

is a small Town 90km north of Sharm el Sheikh at the Gulf of Aqaba, which belongs to the Red Sea.

Dahab means "Gold" in Arabic, coming from the fine yellow Sand you find at the Beaches. Really, it is a quite natural Town. Since it was explored in the 1970s the Boom of Tourism entered the Area only slowly..

The Bedouins are still living in this Area and you will come in Contact with them when you arrive.
You will see the Bedouin kids selling bracelets on the Beach and around the Area. In the 80ths there were a lot of Hippies to see here, right now it gets more Infrastructure and Business. Since 2002 the prices for land increased dramatically.
To get close to Dahab you'll have to stay here for some days and you will get the Feeling of Dahab. It is quiet and with a view to Saudi Arabia you will never forget.Speaking about Dahab is not so easy, but personally I esteem a population of 3000, including of course the Bedouins. Most of the Egyptians you meet here are original from Cairo, Alexandria or Upper Egypt.

The Salary in Dahab is not very high. So a normal worker gets something around 400LE that means 80$ in a month. When you give some tips everybody will be happy about your support. But also think about the Islamic thinking, so a lot of people will not take the money from the first time. You really have to offer it sometimes more then once.

In the Mosbat Shopping Area you will see the Bedouin kids selling bracelets and all kind of souvenirs. Do not be afraid if they come to you and ask you "Do you like bracelets ", most of them are polite and will go away if you say 'La a, Shokran" or "No thank you".

You will get some new friends if you take your time and talk a little bit with them. Most of them can speak English and they will ask you where are you from and what you are doing. Always remember, that they are Kids and all kids are very happy when you can offer them some attention.

is direct at the Red Sea and the mountains are only a few kilometers behind.
Dahab is divided in several Areas. (see the Map)

Azzalah is in the north and more natural. Here live the most part of the Bedouins and also you'll find
there shops and services cheaper than in the Tourism Areas.

In Mosbat you'll find all the Bazaars, Shopping Places, Restaurants and many kind of Entertainment opportunities.
Dahab City is the Area where you arrive when you'll come by bus. Usually, here are the Egyptian workers together with their Families living.
Mubarak City is a new Area. Foreigners use to live here. They bought their flats for living there during their holidays or they settled here forever.
In the Laguna Area are the big Tourism Hotels, like Hilton, Swiss Inn and Dahabeya.

In the same Area at Dahab City is the Hospital, the Main Police Station, a Mosque and the Bus Station.

Here you find an extreme dry desert climate with temperatures rising up to 40 degrees.
The Red Sea and the Mountains are close together, so the temperature can fall down to 15 degrees in January and February. Mostly you'll find a temperature around 27 degrees with a calm t wind, that chilles you up.

If you'll arrive in summer you should take easy clothes and something to cover you against the sun. The Sun is here shining nearly the whole year without clouds. For the Wintertime take some Jacket and a Pullover for the Evening.
High season is at Wintertime and around August/September.

Also in Wintertime it could happen, that the "Flood" come. That is Rain for some Hours, but so heavy that the Mountains bring enough Water down to the Sea, that it creates a big Flood, destroying a lot of Things. For that reason the Bridge was build.

For medical Help there are some doctors in Dahab and also a Hospital.
The next big and modern Hospital you'll find In Sharm el Sheik. It is build up like a Pyramid and is nearly one hour away from Dahab.

If you only need some medicines, you can go to the good sorted Pharmacy within the AliBaba Center situated in the middle of Mosbat.

Dahab is famous for its Low Budget Places. So you can find a Camp for around 10LE (1.5 $) a Night. Also if you are not a Bag packer there are some international Hotels like Hilton, Swiss Inn and Iberotel. Of course the prices in this Hotels are different and rise from 50$ up to 180$ per Night.

Food you will find in a lot of Restaurants. One famous Place is the "King Chicken" where you get a half Chicken with a lot of Rice, Soup and Vegetables for around 20LE only .

With Buses you can reach Taba, Nuweiba, Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo every Day.
There is also the possibility to fly from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo or Hurghada.
Taxis (70% Pickups, 30% Jeeps) are mostly easy to find and you 'll charge for them around 10LE for one way in Dahab.

There are a lot of different Safari Offices here in Dahab and it will not be easy for you to choose. Most of them offer the same trips but with different Equipment, Experience and of course Prices.
The same Trip you can get at one Place for 10$ and on another Place for 50$.

If you're looking for a trip I personally can advise you to go to the Moses Hill. There is also the St. Catherine Monastery, which you can visit on several days, except Fridays and Sundays. When you are interested to climb up to the top of the Hill you need some good Shoes, you'll climb around 3 hours, or you can go choose a good way by riding a camel. If you're climbing at Night you'll stay on the top for 2 hours and then you will be surprised by a Sunrise, which you'll never forget.

After a trip of 1 1/2 hours you can visit "Rasa Shaitan", that means, the Head of the Devil.
This place looks like Dahab 10 Years ago. Clean Beach and only a few Camps.
If you like to relax you will find here the best Conditions. This Area is also famous to the Israelian tourists.

If you like it more natural, there are also a lot of other possibilities to spend the free time by riding horse or camel .
There are also trips into the heart of thew Desert even up to 10 days if you like. You can go by Jeep, leaded by Bedouins and combine your Safari with Diving, Snorkeling and Relaxing.

10km away from Dahab into the Desert up to 600m you will find Wadi Connection (Wadi means Oasis).

Here at this Place you'll get not only a beautiful view over the mountains at daytime, specially at night you'll see much more stars, because all the city lights are far away from you, being covered by the mountains.
At daytime you can swim in the Swimming pool, yes right, there is a 4*r Swimming pool in the middle of the desert. Also this place is good if you like to organise some Parties with or for your friends, eating Bedouin food and enjoy Bellydancing in the big Bedouin Tent. Also Wadi Gnai is very near to Dahab and you will find there a Bedouin offering you Tea (Chai) and you can walk through the Palms around the Canyon. There are some more small Oasis you can easily reach if you ask at the Safari Offices.

Dahab belongs original to the Bedouins which live here since a long Time. The most Bedouins live in Azzalah, the Area in the North of Dahab.
You will find a lot of Bedouins driving Taxis or selling land, because the have the best contacts. But keep care, some people had problems when the bought land directly from the Bedouins, because some of them did not have the Oficial Document issued by the Government. So if you like to buy land, check this with a lawyer in order to be safe.

Bedouins' culture is based on strict laws on their tradition. So they consume Water sparingly and respect the Nature. To assist the Wildlife they also construct some water reservoirs at the hillsides. At all their doing also in fishing, they take care on the corals and understand of course also the fishing, so the damaging of the reef is limited. Their laws also say that it is strictly forbidden to cut a green tree. If it is done by someone, so the penalty is up to three young Camels or an penalty equal to this. Bedouins say, that killing a Tree is like killing a soul.

The Living Area is almost in the Sinai. In special restricted protected Areas the came back to their traditional right. Now the EEAA is looking to keep their rights not to damage their habitats. Some of the Bedouins work in the National Parks as Rangers or other Services to this Areas.

Corals Reefs exist on our Planet since approx. 450 Million years. Geologists checked out, that the ancient reefs were as complex as the modern reefs today. The Reefs today are one of the most productive natural Systems in the World like the rain Forest System. Both Systems need our full protection to do their work for us.

The Reef is living and can be destroyed easily. Sometimes the divers use too heavy equipment and touch the Corals and destroy them. Some places are still not the same like ten years ago. They enter the site with all their Stuff and walk like elephants over the Corals. I saw this once while I was snorkelling and was really shocked. But fortunately, not all divers are like this and a lot of them take care about it. Without Protection the Corals can be easily eaten by other creatures and came infected by bacterial attack and disease.

Think about; it took hundred of Years to grow up as you like to see them , only one fingertip can destroy the sensitive harmony of the Corals and the Sea. A Reef with corals is one of the largest living Systems in the World. It is a combination of small coral animals and fishes also polyps and algae living together. The Information of the National Park of Egypt tell us, that their are 137 different Species of corals found at the Red Sea.


You will find a lot of different kind of fish. Lion fish, Clown fish and if you are lucky also Dolphins (but do not call them fishes, they are not). Specially at the Area of Dahab and Nuweiba you sometimes can see a family of Dolphins passing the coast.
If you dive or snorkel, please do not feed the fish. The fish can become aggressive and also there were some cases when fish died after the divers forgot their plastic bags and the fish eat them or were swimming into it.
Many of the nice fish are to be found in a deepth of 5 to 10 meters. So you can see them also easyly while snorkelling.

Extreme Sport is coming more close to Dahab and offers a lot of possibilities. So there is also the attraction to surf not only the waves. At the "Dune" you can surf down the Desert Sand Dune and check your surfing skills. The Safaris and Extreme Sports are some of the last adventures you can do during your time. You get a deep view in the historical roots and oriental lifestyle. If you meet the Oasis and the Bedouins living there, respect there Area and do not overtake their guest friendship.

In Dahab are some of the greatest Diving Areas around the world. Here at the Red Sea you'll find famous Diving Places like Blue Hole with 203-foot drop off, the Three Bells, Canyon and Lighthouse.
Especially the Blue Hole is weel-known to the Divers, because there were more than a few people gone into the sea and never came back due to the nitrogen narcosis.But not all Diving Sites are dangerous, so the Reefs you find here are incredible and also reachable for people that only like to snorkel.

You will find here corals, fans, eels and dozen of different fish species.


If you like to snorkel, then one of the best places to do this is "Lighthouse". There you have an easy entry and only after few Meters you have the most beautiful view of the corals and a lot of Fish species. In other areas snorkelling is fine as well, but the entry sometimes is very difficult. Think about to take some Water shoes with you, so you do not walk on sticky Stones. At this Place I really like to please you, take care on the Nature. The corals are very sensitive and you can destroy them easyly with your fins. So do not touch them and of course do not try to take a piece of it for yourself. It is highly forbidden. Just enjoy the moment beeing in this place and take care. So your friends and maybe your children can do the same.


For Swimming you will love Baby Fish. There you can walk 150m into the Sea and the Water is only 50cm deep. The Beach is with golden sand and you'll get real Holiday Feeling.

The Area of Dahab has mostly a steady Wind, so that's great for Windsurfing. Laguna has some Windsurfing schools and special areas you can windsurf at best Conditions. Special a lot more Surfers come here to test also Parasailing, jumping up to 3 Meters high.
This is a little bit dangerous but as Fun Sport it comes more into the Trend.

In the evening a lot of pPeople use to go to "Tota". It's a disco built as a ship, where you can enjoy the time dancing or having food . At "Adams Bar" you'll get the cheapest beer from Dahab and also they have a huge flat screen, where you can watch the football games.



To go with a Glass Boat is funny for the whole family. You can enjoy the travelling with the Boat over the Sea and at the same time you can see what is happening under you. Also it is a good way to see the corals and a lot of fish. You can make photos and the trips are not even expensive.



This Bikes with four Wheels are something you can enjoy in a lot of places. A trip lasts around 2 hours and the guide will bring you to several places. Be sure that you do not go on own ways or ride on Corals at the Sea area or Sand dunes. You can disturb a lot of animals. If you keep this in mind you will see some special places.


For the Ladies, and of course also for Men, there is a Beauty Salon in Dahab. There you can have nice nails'paintings and Massage. If you like to have Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Treatment or Hair Cut you'l get all these there too.

There are some Banks in Dahab and also a few ATM Machines where you can get money. Also there is a Western Union Office to get Money transferred. But you can not send money from this Western Union Office. You can change also Money in some Hotels, but keep care about the right Exchange Rate..

Of course if you or some of your friends like to go to Dahab and have a look for accommodations you can write us a short email.

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