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welcome to dahab,

if you never was in dahab before, so you will find some useful informations on this page. If you know dahab from before for sure you can take advance from our collected informations and services.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

Dahab Climatic
you will find nearly the whole year a sunny and clear sky, a steady wind that cools you down and makes windsurfers happy all time long.

Average Temperatures

Actual clouds

            * Air - * Water Temperature (in celsius)


Hotels & Apartments : best advices for free
there are plenty of places you can stay. From luxury five star hotels over nice midrange places till down to simple camps for all back packers looking for the cheapest possibility to stay. I have some perls for you direct at the beach of dahab, with fair prices and good quality, feel free to send me an inquiry and tell me what you are looking for and I will send you a free individual offer. Places like you see on the top of the right side are around 37 Euro per Room and night only. Simple Camps you can get for cheap as 10 Euro per Night. Apartments are starting from 35 Euro per Night.[send an inquiry]

Real Estate : Where to buy land and houses
land and houses are always available in dahab and prices are still rising. Till now it was hard to find a place where to go and get information about properties. Everyone did know some houses but not collected a lot. That we like to change now and like to become the place with the most actual offers in dahab. We are still starting, so keep updated: [more ...]

Forum : where to meet friends and share ideas
when you like to share your ideas, looking for contacts or only like to buy or sell something, the forum is the perfect place to jump in and go in contact with other dahabians. [more ...]

WebCam : How does it looks now in Dahab
since two years I told some places at the beach to put a webcam, to attract customers and have something special. They thought I was crazy. Now we realized our own first webcam and people from all over the world like it and enjoy to sit home and be also live in dahab. [more...]

Mobile english-arabic open dictionary : how to write
if you look how to write an english word in arabic or what does an arabic writing mean, with our new online dictionary you can have a look. It is optimized for mobile phone displays so you can check wherever you are and you have internet with your mobile. Also it is possible to add/improve the dictionary if you know how to speak an arabic word you can add this information to the dictionary.[more...]

Dahab Online Post Cards
say 'hello' to your friends at home and simple send them a nice photo from dahab directly here where you stay right now. Choose a picture, put your personal text to it and send it in seconds to your spouse, parents or colleges over the internet. They will be happy to hear from you. [more ...]

Users from all over the world
since I started three years ago with this page, where it was called: http://dahab.guruk.com people around the world have a look to it and keep updated. I did advertising with my slogan : "I love dahab", so it was only a logic procedure that the new domain name of this information page came: http://ilovedahab.com

Airport Transfer :: How to come to dahab
it's most easy by taxi or bus. While a bus is more cheap (around 2 Euro per person), taxi drivers at the airport sometimes ask you for up to 50 Euro or more. That's too much for sure, so we did an agreement with some drivers here in dahab, taking you from the airport for a fixed price of 32 Euro. (per Taxi, not per person). Simple ask for an transfer with our [contact form]

Dahab Multimedia
when you can not get enough from dahab and like to read more about dahab areas, the bedouins, see pictures and online movies, than our online multimedia cd may the perfect place for you to have a look in. Its free and full with informations. [more ...]

Bus Timetable
Dahab Bus Office Telephone: # 3641-808

Dahab - Nuweiba - Taba 10:30, 15:00, 16:00, 18:30
Dahab - St. Catherine 9:30
St. Catherine - Dahab 13:00
Dahab - Cairo 08:30, 12:30, 14:30, 22:00
Dahab - Sharm el Sheikh 8:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 12:30, 14:30, 16:00, 17:30 20:30, 21:30, 22:30
Sharm el Sheikh - Dahab

7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 14:30, 17:00, 20:30, 22:00, 00:30

3D Satellite Pictures from Dahab
with google map come able to zoom into dahab so near, that you can see cars and houses. If you click here, you have a direct link to dahab by satellite. Should you prefer a software to download where you can even change the angle of your view and of course get a much faster movement. Here you get google earth Beta 4.
I started to collect some placemarks (hotels, houses and land to sell, also where i live ;). Click here to download the .kmz file that is working with google earth.

there are many travel agencies and online portals not interested to talk about the shit happend. The Bombs in april 2006 made a lot of people afraid, so I do not like to hide to talk about. In the meantime everything is very quiet again and cleaned up. Of course police and hotel take more attention on passports and so on. But anyway I say with a bit humor " Where the thunderbolt hit one time, he will not hit so fast again". And for me Dahab is as secure like any other place in the world where I can come hit by a car accident also every time.

Last but not least
Dahab does offer so many things, that is not possible to put it on a simple Homepage. For that we from "I love Dahab" offers you to write your ideas, wishes and inquiries into the following Inquiry form and we will have a look to answer all your questions with the best possibilities we have.

That's for now, with fine regards

Christian Mueller


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our forum is there for you to share ideas, buy and sell products in dahab and to meet people. [more ...]


 Dahab Beach WebCam
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sit home and be in dahab. This is possible with our new webcam. Where you can see till saudi arabi and enjoy the sunrise. [more ...]

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real estate

get your own land, house, chalet in dahab. we collected several offers for your choose. [more ...]


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online dictionary

fast research of english & arabic words. [more ...]


send an online postcard

pictures from dahab and your personal words for your spouse, parents and friends. [more ...]


online multimedia cd

 a lot of collected infos, also private videos from dahab. [more ...]


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