I Remember ...



... the victims on 24th of April 2006 .

It is not our mission to keep things brighter  in  mind  than  they  are.
We work on to improve our daily standart with good thoughts and positive handling.

As       long       there       is      no     true      love      there    is    hate.
That happend every day all over the world.

We can not count  all  victims  in this  live  we  and other did wrong.
What   happend   here   in   Dahab   was  a  shame on human race.

I Remember ...

is a silent sign not to forget about what happend and also to go on
stronger than before. True Love always greater than anything else.

Candle Remembrance at the Bridge 24th April 2007 / 7pm.


ILoveDahab.com - Team
Thanks for your attention


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